Toy Fox Terrier



  • Rugged and strong
  • Inquisitive
  • Energetic
  • Daring
  • Sprightly
  • Athletic

Ultimate Human Companion

  • Retirees
  • Households
  • Metropolis dwellers

What They Are Wish to Dwell With

If the common Fox Terrier is feisty, energetic and daring, the Toy Fox Terrier is… nicely, precisely that, however possibly a bit milder and extra manageable. Bringing a heat, sunny spirit to any residence, Toy Fox Terriers are additionally the consummate mini-hunters, ridding the home and yard of mice and different vermin.

Very playful and enjoyable, Toy Fox Terriers are tireless and entertaining little companions. Simply skilled and desirous to please, they’ll decide up instructions shortly with out forgetting—some have even been skilled to assist handicapped individuals. Connected to their house owners and households, they’re happiest once they get plenty of love and affection.

Toy Fox Terriers are attuned to their environment. If something is occurring across the residence, a Toy Fox Terrier will most likely be the primary to know. They’re additionally fiercely protecting of their households. Although not ordinary barkers, they know learn how to belt them out once they sense a menace.

Issues You Ought to Know

Toy Fox Terriers could look and act robust, however they need to be dealt with rigorously—these are fragile little canines. Younger youngsters needs to be taught to play gently. Additionally bear in mind these canines have very eager searching instincts: Hold them on a leash always to forestall them from chasing after birds, squirrels and different critters. That being stated, they may actually respect particular instances to run free off the leash.

A wholesome Toy Fox Terrier can reside so long as 14 years. They’ve few genetic well being points. Toy Fox Terriers are simple to groom, needing solely the occasional brushing. They don’t seem to be large shedders.

Toy Fox Terrier Historical past

Fox Terriers had been developed by 19th-century English breeders to hunt foxes. They arrive in two variations based mostly on coat size: Clean and Wire. Within the 1930s, American breeders crossed the Clean Fox Terrier with the Italian Greyhound, Chihuahua and different toy breeds to create the Toy Fox Terrier. This feisty however agreeable pup continues to be a significant participant in canine reveals in addition to within the residence.

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Get to Know the Toy Fox Terrier: A Jack of All Trades

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