• Small and fluffy
  • Energetic and alert
  • Intelligent and wanting to be taught
  • Willful and headstrong

Perfect Human Companion

  • Singles
  • Seniors
  • Condominium dwellers
  • Sofa potatoes
  • Celebrities

What They Are Prefer to Dwell With


Pomeranian. Images by Kayla Bertagnolli, as captured on the 2018 Westminster Kennel Membership Canine Present.

Pomeranians are little canines with “massive canine” personalities. Whereas energetic, pleasant and enjoyable, they are often barely territorial. They develop very connected to their homeowners and might develop a protectiveness that makes them suspicious of strangers. This not solely makes for a loyal, tried-and-true companion, it makes for an excellent watchdog. Pomeranians, although small, can actually ship on the barks when a stranger approaches the home.

Despite this protectiveness, Pomeranians will not be too clingy or codependent. And so they’ll get together with each member of the household, together with different pets, so long as they’re launched correctly.

Clever, busy and curious, they’ve a lovable independence. However they crave your consideration and playtime, generally responding by standing on their hind legs and barking fortunately.

Issues You Ought to Know

A Pomeranian in the grass.

Pomeranian. Images by Tsik/Thinkstock.

Pomeranians can generally be cussed and willful, and so they can simply dominate a weak-willed proprietor. A agency however pleasant hand is required day-to-day, particularly in the case of their barking. Pomeranians like to bark and bark and bark, generally for arbitrary causes. If taught at an early age to restrict the noise, they may.

At all times hold Poms on a leash. Like different proud and small breeds, they’re blissfully unaware of their dimension. They’ve the tendency to “tackle” bigger canines, so all the time hold them shut and defend them from battle.

Pomeranians can shed fairly a bit and wish every day brushing to forestall tangling. Examine their ears and ears repeatedly, and ensure they get scheduled visits to the dentist—Pomeranians’ tooth have a tendency to assemble tartar simply.
They’re very completely satisfied residing in residences so long as they get common train and human interplay.

A wholesome Pomeranian can reside so long as 15 years. Widespread well being points embrace eye issues, dislocated kneecaps, tooth loss and molting.

Pomeranian Historical past

A Pomeranian relaxes on pillows.

Pomeranian. Images by Koldunov/THINKSTOCK.

Descended from the Spitz household—particularly the sled canines of Lapland and Iceland—Pomeranians have been initially massive, sturdy herders of sheep. Over time, they have been bred right down to a smaller dimension, changing into cherished pets of Marie Antoinette, Mozart and (famously) Queen Victoria, whose desire for small Pomeranians created a worldwide demand. In the course of the late 1800s they got here to the U.S., and the American Pomeranian Membership held its first present in 1911. Ever since, their good mood and small dimension have made them an everlasting favourite within the U.S.

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