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When you have an email list it’s easy to make money. But building a list is hard… Until now.

Now you can build a massive list for any market quickly and easily. Even if….

Well, today everything changes, because you’re going to build a massive list from scratch, which uses proven psychological brain hacks that will make you a fortune… Completely automatically!

From: Steven HallDear Future Massive List Owner,

I know how frustrating it feels to struggle to make money online. Especially when nobody around you believes in your dream.

Your wife is one more failed business away from walking out the door, because you keep spending money but never make a dime.

You’re missing out on precious time with the kids because you spend every waking hour glued to your laptop, desperately jumping from one “get rich quick” scheme to another, but nothing works.

All of your friends think you’re a sucker, a loser or a chump.

And your parents keep asking when you’re going to knuckle down, stop chasing rainbows and get a real job.

I’ve been there. It’s not a nice feeling.

You have to carry on because you are one of life’s most precious and rare people, you’re a dreamer. And true dreamers never give up!

You dream that there is something better than working 40+ hours a week for a pittance. You dream that one day you’ll be rich.

You know that it’s possible, you’ve seen dozens of folk that are making a fortune from the internet. People like Andrew Reynolds, Mark Anastasi, Milli Ponce and Armand Morin. These guys are totally killing it online.

Why can’t you be like them?

The answer is simple… They have a list!

When you have a list of people that are interested in the same subject (or have the same problem) it’s easy to make money.

You just pick an affiliate product that’ll solve their problem, copy and paste the ready made email, hit send, and the cash comes flooding in.

The bigger your list the more money you make.

A list the holy grail of making money online. It’s the Golden ticket that every successful internet marketer uses to make millions… on auto-pilot! You’ve probably heard the phrase, “The money is in the list” countless times. I know I have!

But how do you get a list?

If you’ve ever been to an internet marketing seminar you’ll know how easy it seems.

Every self-made multi-millionaire tells you how they just hit “copy, paste and send” to make more money in a few seconds that you make in a year!

But is it really that simple?

What happens when you get home and start trying to put all of your frantically scribbled notes into action?

In the cold light of day, the reality of list building slams you in the face like a brick wall!

To “talk” building a list is easy. But to “actually” build a list is another story.

You get overwhelmed by confusing jargon like HTML, Squeeze Pages, Product Funnels, Auto Responders and JV’s (Joint Ventures)

That last one is always a favourite of the guys on stage. They make you think that doing a JV will be a walk in the park. Just shoot off an email to somebody that’s already killing it and promote stuff to their list.

And why would they? They don’t want to go into partnership with a complete beginner.

A JV with a massive list owner would be lovely. We’d all love to do one of those. But until you’ve got your own massive list nobody is interested.

Mark Anastasi called me once to check on a product license. Less than 60 seconds into the call he’d already asked me “How big is your list?”

At the time my list was tiny. I was embarrassed!

Needless to say, we didn’t do a JV!

A few years back, I was at an Entrepreneur bookcamp seminar at the o2 in London and got talking to a guy at break.

I expected him to be in a similar position to me.

I was making pretty good money online, I’d long quit my day job and I was starting to build a respectable list. I still had a long way to go before I could go helicopter shopping (or JV with Mark) but I was definitely heading in the right direction.

As I say, I thought we’d both be in a similar position.

He hadn’t made a single penny online!

He’d spent a lot, but had nothing to show for it.

I asked him what he thought the problem was.

He painted a horror story of struggle, frustration and mounting credit card debt. He was genuinely terrified of HTML. He’d paid through the nose for some (terrible) copy that nobody even saw and had no idea how to drive traffic. He wasn’t even offering any incentive for people to join his list.

None of them had made any money at all, most of them had maxed out their credit cards and they were all terrified of HTML!

I suddenly realized that I’d taken my skills (and my success) for granted.

I also realized that I could easily solve all of their problems.

I knew HTML like the back of my hand (and CSS, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript) I’ve been programming for decades. It’s so second nature to me that I didn’t realise how much of a stumbling block it was for every single person I spoke with at that seminar.

I know how to build a list.

Heck, I know how to build a list building system that builds a list for you on auto-pilot!

I decided to create a list building tool like nothing anybody had ever seen before. A tool that would provide absolutely everything that you need to build a massive list and then use it to make money completely automatically!

I knew exactly what I wanted to create.

And I knew my market too.

My market was the guy from the o2… and thousands of others just like him.

I could feel his pain, and hear the desperation in his voice. I wanted to help him.

My o2 buddy needed a system that would build a list for him. It had to be simple because he knew absolutely nothing, and it had to work fast… because if it didn’t, his wife would probably leave (or kill) him.

That’s quite a challenge!

But I like a challenge. So when I got home I set about creating my…

I expected to have it done in a week. Maybe two.

Boy was I in for a shock!

As I said previously, I don’t go to work. For many years I’ve been making more than enough money from the internet to cover all of my expenses so I retired back in 2003.

Because of this I have a lot of free time. And I need it because when I set myself a goal I become completely consumed by it.

I love programming. For me it’s not work at all, it’s problem solving. It feels really good when you write a piece of code that solves a particularly tricky problem.

As is often the case when you start writing code, I soon ran into some problems. In fact, I ran into almost 2 years worth of problems!

Most of them were caused by other peoples tools that I needed to make my system work. For about 6 months I tried one list management system after another. They worked, sort of, but they weren’t intuitive at all. In fact, they were damn-right ugly! The whole thing was so clumsy that I decided to scrap it completely.

I went back to the drawing board to start from scratch. This time I decided to create everything myself.

So… I opened a new blank document and I started to code. I wrote page after page of code, for 14 hours a day, 6 days a week for 18 months.

When I started, I was creating the system for my o2 buddy, and the thousands of people just like him. But something had happened that meant that I now really needed it for myself.

When I was almost finished, I exported my list of over 25,000 subscribers from Aweber and shut down my account.

I expected to be done within a couple of weeks. But complications pushed back the finish line and it wasn’t until almost 6 months later than the system was finally ready.

On the day that I wrote the very last line of code I had to import my list so that I could run some tests.

I’d bought a new MacBook and given my old one to my wife. I formatted the drive for her and set it up as a brand new computer. I couldn’t find my list because I’d saved it to the old MacBook, not the new one. And I’d formatted that months ago!

I contacted Aweber to see if they had a back-up but it was too late. The list was gone!

25,000 subscribers gone forever! (My wife hasn’t even used the laptop. She’s still using her old ThinkPad!)

All of a sudden I found myself in a very unfamiliar and scary position. I was “List-less”!

I had to rebuild my list from scratch!

So not only was I creating the system for my o2 buddy, and the thousands of people just like him, but I was now creating it for my livelihood! I quit work in 2003, and I don’t want to go back! But without a list my income plummeted to almost nothing.

I was in a really tricky situation. I’d grown very comfortable with my 25,000 strong list income. But now it had gone.

But I’d deleted my list completely, and my income along with it!

(Honestly, yes a little bit!)

And I’d just finished my list building system. That would help me to build a list much faster this time. I’ll get those 25,000 subscribers back and a lot more too!

As you can imagine, with bills beginning to pile up, my list building system suddenly became very important to me.

So, even if you’re just starting out from scratch and you don’t have any subscribers at all, you’re in the same position that I was in a few weeks ago!

I bet I’m the only schmuck in the world to ever format a computer that contained the only copy of his list! That’s a mistake I’ll never make again. If I’d have noticed sooner Aweber would have had a backup, but that was gone too.

Even though I was totally list-less, I was actually really excited to be starting over. Especially because I could use some of the cool features I’d added to the system.

My favourite feature is the ability to automate lists, I’ll tell you more about this later.

I also adding tagging options and the ability to skip certain emails (essential if you’re promoting a discount for an offer that somebody has already bought at full price!)

I added all of the tools that I wish were on Aweber. Tools that made my life much easier… and my list much more profitable.

But I wasn’t just building the system for me.

I was also building it for complete beginners that have absolutely no experience or knowledge of list building. So I had to make sure it covered everything they’d need too. Things like…

I also wanted to make sure my system offered features that any seasoned list builder might need. Such as…

I think the most powerful feature I built into the system is the combination of three powerful tools. Spin support, list automation and tagging. By combining these three tools you can quickly set up…

…and filters out offers as soon as your subscribers buy them!

It’s such a powerful tool.

I first had the idea to create a never-ending autoresponder like this years ago. I tried to set one up through several different list management companies but none of them could do it. Now I’ve created my own and I love it! Every time I add an email to the system I know that it’ll be making money for me forever. Adding new emails, and creating new lists feels like such a powerful investment now that I have a system that never ends.

As well as Aweber, I used MailChimp, All In One Profits, Get Response, Easy Street and some others that are so long ago I can’t even remember their names!

Some of them had features I liked, some of them had hardly any features at all! All of them had annoying limits and crazy pricing tiers that kept getting more expensive.

It always baffled me as to why you needed to type it yourself. Whey not just click on a button to add a persons name?

It’s little details like this that drive me crazy.

I like everything to be simple. So, with my system, you just…

The user interface was very important to me. I went though several designs, colours and fonts until it looked just right, then designed (and re-designed, twice) a navigation menu so that everything felt intuitive. I wanted things to work just as you’d expect them to, and be located exactly where you’d expect to them to be.

Most list providers don’t think about this stuff at all. Their menus are clunky and ugly. You can’t find what you’re looking for and nothing seems to work the way you want.

These might sound like trivial details, but to me they’re important.

The system is easy to use, feels natural and looks great. (Admittedly, I’m slightly biased)

Throughout the entire build I was always conscious that the system would be used by complete beginners, like my buddy from the o2, as well as list building veterans, like me.

Where possible, I automated everything. If I couldn’t automate it, I made it easy, natural and obvious. The system has gone though a huge amount of testing, tweaking and “digital polishing” so that it feels completely intuitive.

When you start building a list there are a lot of things to consider. These are the things that overwhelmed my O2 buddy (I really should have asked his name!) and they’re the things that most people don’t even think about, but when you realise that you need them, they become very intimidating very quickly.

There are so many pieces that need to come together to make your list work that most people don’t even know where to begin!

To build a list you need to give something away as an incentive for people to sign up. This is know as a lead magnet. and it’s usually an ebook. But do you have an ebook to give away? Probably not.

You could make one from PLR content, pay somebody to write one, or write it yourself. But that’s just the start.

You need a graphic for the cover, a place to host your book and a reliable way to give it to people. You can’t attached thousands of books to emails, that would use up far too much bandwidth. You need a download page, so a confirmed subscriber can just click a button to get their book.

Not forgetting, of course, you need a way of promoting your book in the first place. You need to build a form for gathering emails, making sure they’re genuine and adding them to your list.

Theres much more too. Too much to cover here. But you can rest assured that you don’t have to worry about any of that, because…

Even if you’re starting from scratch, and have absolutely no experience what-so-ever, you will have your first list ready in minutes. Just click a few buttons, choose which book you’d like to give away and the system even creates your first email for you.

In fact, it’s so clever that it even automatically adds the correct name and download page for the book, even if you’re giving away a dozen books that add subscribers to the same list. That’s pretty special. Check it out on the following short video..

Everything is designed to be as quick and easy as possible. Even for a complete beginner.

The system is primarily designed to help you build a list fast. But also, hopefully, for you to enjoy the process too. Nothing about list building should make you want to pull your hair out!

It should be exciting. It is exciting!

Imagine how you’ll feel once you’ve used my system to build your first list. Imagine people asking to JV with you. Or just hitting “Copy Paste and Send” to make more money from a single email that you’ve probably ever earned in a year.

Heck, imagine all of the money coming in on auto-pilot from your never-ending autoresponder. While you sleep, go on holiday, or learn to play the piano! Or whatever it is you fancy doing with all your free time once you’ve quit work.

I’d never even picked up an instrument before I quit work. Now I can play the piano, guitar and drums. I’ve even learned to speak Spanish (Which was kind of necessary as I now live in a Spanish speaking country!)

That’s something else you need to consider.

When you have a list, your income comes from the internet, so you can live anywhere in the world. Where would you like to live? Where would you like to explore. Once set up, the system will manage your list for you, so if you want to spend a year seeing the world, why not!

Of course the most powerful thing about a list is that it’s scalable.

You can build as many lists as you like. Each list becomes a fully automated business. There are no limits. Which means your income has no limits either!

When you work for a living you’re selling your time. And even if you rise to the top of your field, time is limited. So your income is limited too. But a list is completely unlimited. It totally blows the ceiling off your earning potential.

Most of the people reading this page will already know the answer to the following question, but for anybody that doesn’t…

This can be simple and profitable. Or, it can be smart and extremely profitable. Let’s take a look at both.

You give away an ebook about a specific subject as an incentive for people to join your list. Because you know the subject of the book, you know what your subscribers are interested in, and what problems they have.

You find affiliate products that solve those problems. Most affiliate products include emails that you just copy and paste. You subscribers check out the product, they see that it’ll solve their problem so they buy it, and you earn a commission… for doing almost nothing!

But this is better…

You start exactly the same. Give away a book that adds people to a list.

But this time your list is a fully automated autoresponder that has been pre-filled with a series of very clever emails. The first couple of emails are designed to add more value and gain rapport with your subscriber. They elicit psychological sales triggers, like the law of reciprocation, that are proven to increase sales. Then the system sends out a “no-brainer” offer. Something that anybody would be a fool to pass up! This offer is key to making big money. It works best if it’s really cheap, maybe even just a dollar.

Don’t worry, you don’t need your own product for this. There are plenty of affiliate products that have a dollar option that you can promote. In fact, ClickBank even has a filter in their marketplace that makes them easier to find.

There are several psychological reasons why this method works. It’s so powerful, and much more effective that the ‘simple’ way.

While all of this is going on (completely automatically of course) every product that you promote also offers a membership option, so your subscriber can sign up and pay monthly. And you get paid a commission every single month! Often, you make more money per sale than the product vendor. And you have absolutely none of the hassles they have to deal with.

So that’s what the clever people are doing, but there is another way…

The really smart cookies (me, you and my buddy from the o2) are going to take all of this one step further. We have the power of list automation, spinning and tags. So we can set up never ending autoresponders than keep on making money forever!

We can also automatically move subscribers between different lists.

This will make you a lot of money. It works like this…

Imagine that you have a list for people that want to lose weight.

Sally and James sign up to your list.

Sally wants to lose weight because she’s just had a baby and she wants her old body back, James has just booked his summer holiday and he wants to shed some belly flab before he hits the beach.

Both people want to lose weight but for very different reasons.

You could add them to the same list and promote general weight loss products. They might buy something, they might not. This is what pretty much every single list owner does.

But you’re smart. And you’ve got access to my unique list building tools that make it possible for you to…

You’re smart, so you’re going to add Sally and James to two different lists. The one that Sally joins is specifically about losing weight after childbirth. It gains massive rapport because it talks directly to her very specific needs. It speaks her language. It knows her problems and it says exactly what she wants (and needs) to hear.

There are several affiliate products that are designed specifically for people that want to lose weight after childbirth. These products are a perfect match for Sally. It’s exactly what she wants and she is much more likely to make a purchase.

Of course, you can also promote other products to Sally too, because you know that she’s just had a baby.

There are loads of products that would be a perfect fit for her. Such as potty training guides, audio that helps a baby to sleep, courses that help your baby to start talking sooner, and many many more.

(Actually, if you know that somebody has just had a baby, then you know what products they’ll buy for the next 18 years! After the baby ones we have bed wetting, reading and writing, smart kids, being a better parent, dealing with troublesome toddlers, getting kids to eat veggies, helping teenagers overcome depression, smart study guides for better exam results, how to get a college scholarship, how to prepare a CV to secure a decent career… etc… etc…)

James wouldn’t be interested in any of these products. In fact, if you send these products to his list he’ll more than likely hit ‘unsubscribe’ or even worse… the dreaded ‘Spam’ button!

Just as there are plenty of products that Sally’ll love, there are plenty of products that’ll be James’ cup of tea too.

He wants to lose weight so he can look good on the beach. There are stacks of products that are designed exactly for this purpose, and their sales pages, ready to copy and paste emails, and graphics are all designed for people like James.

Images of beautiful women on the beach and guys with six-packs.

That’s what pushes James psychological ‘Buy Now’ buttons. (But none of this would even get Sally to raise an eyebrow!)

We can pretty safely assume that James would also be interested in a few other products too, such as ‘how to get a ripped 6-pack beach body in 3 weeks’ or even ‘how to chat to hot girls!’

There are loads of products that are perfect for James!

After a while, you’ll run out of products that are perfect for Sally, and you’ll also run out of products that are perfect for James. This is when you move them both to a new list. This one is a general weight loss list. There are still loads of products that you can sell using this list, but none of them will talk to James or Sally the way those first two lists did.

But that’s OK, and here’s why… Because your first two lists where such a perfect fit for Sally and James, they’ve probably both already bought something. So now…

Most people would just add Sally and James to the general weight loss list from the beginning. And by doing so they’d lose a tonne of money.

Once you’ve exhausted all of the weight loss products (which will take a very long time) you can move Sally and James to a general fitness list, or a health and nutrition one. The trick is to start with a super specific laser-targeted list, then get more and more general over time.

This system works really well for almost every market you can think of.

One very profitable market that real benefits from this system is hypnosis. There are many reasons that a person wants to learn hypnosis, a few examples are…

…the list goes on! There are products that fit each of these markets perfectly. And then there are also loads of general hypnosis products that would suit everybody.

Meet Joan, she’s just retired. But she’s finding life at home a little dull and has decided to pursue her lifetime ambition. She wants to learn hypnotherapy, and fix broken people.

Joan would love to download a free book that teaches her how she can help people overcome their problems. She’d also love to buy products like these: ‘certified hypnotherapy online course’, ‘master NLP training’, ‘ready to use hypnotherapy scripts’ …and many more just like them.

Joan is definitely not interested in hypnotic seduction. Sending her emails about ‘picking up chicks with Jedi mind hacks” is not going to get a sale. More likely, she’ll unsubscribe, and hit that spam button.

Ian is 18. He’s socially awkward, still a virgin and really struggles to talk to girls. Those Jedi mind hacks are right up his street!

There are loads of products that we can sell to Joan and a gazillion products that Ian will snap up in seconds. Then, there are products that will suit them both once you’ve run out of the laser-targeted ones.

Setting up lists like this is easy, and it’s incredibly profitable compared to what 99.99% of all other list owners do.

In fact, I don’t know anybody that does this. Apart from me, my o2 buddy… and you. Should we keep it amongst ourselves?

My system includes powerful, profitable tools like this because I made it. I’m an Internet Marketer, so I know what internet marketers need. I didn’t hold a board meeting with a bunch of suits and say, “Right gentlemen, people need lists! And we like money. So let’s build a list management system and charge them a fortune to use it, we’ll all be rich!”

I’m guessing, by now, that you’re already sold on the need to build a list. I assume that you can see how much value they provide and how much more difficult it is to make money online without one.

Even though building a list should be everybody’s first priority very few people do it. Pat Flynn and Jon Acuff have huge lists now but they both started without one. Of course everybody starts without one, but they were well established and actively pursuing an online income a long time before the penny dropped and they shifted their focus to list building.

“When I started this blog, I made the newbie mistake of not including a way to accumulate email addresses. No newsletter, no opt-in form – nothing.”

Pat Flynn,

“The biggest social media mistake I’ve ever made. Email matters. People don’t change their email addresses. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, people join and drop that pretty often. But changing your email address is a hassle.”

“Without a doubt, our email list is the best investment we’ve ever made.”

Douglas Karr,

“I have literally built a multi-million dollar business on the strength of my email list.

Ninety percent of my income comes from it.

Even today, my email list is still my number one business priority—and asset.”

Michael Hyatt,

Most newbies don’t build a list first for two reasons.

First, they don’t know how. And second, they believe that they can’t build a list without a product.

Don’t worry about either of these. My system provides the how. It’s super easy to use, very intuitive and designed for absolute beginners. I made it so that my own mother could use it (and that’s saying something, I once told her to move the mouse up and she physically picked it up off the desk! I blame the Nintendo Wii!) of course the system also includes features and tools that list building experts will love, so although it’s easy for beginners it’s certainly not ‘basic’.

As for needing a product. Forget that idea! Creating a product is a bloody nightmare. It takes ages and costs a fortune. Just sell other peoples products. It’s totally hassle-free and takes seconds. Just grab your affiliate link, copy and paste the ready written email and you’re done.

It’s crazy how many newbies think that they need to create a product.

In much much less time than it takes to create one product (that probably won’t sell!), you can create an unlimited number of lists targeted dozens of different markets selling thousands of brilliant products (using ready-made copy and paste emails that have been written by professionals)

When I say much much less time I really mean it. Creating a product (and all of the hoo-har that goes with it) will take about a year. You’ll probably expect to be done sooner but it just never works out that way. It’ll take a year, at least. Trust me, I’ve been down that path many many times.

And what will you have to show for all of your hard work?

One product, that you can (maybe) sell to one select market of people.

But creating lists is a cinch! Within a week you can easily create a dozen lists, selling thousands of products (many of which have membership programs that continue paying you month after month forever). If you really knuckle down, you can have a complete list, with a never-ending autoresponder fully set-up and making money on auto-pilot in just a few hours. Most of the “work” you’ll be doing is just copy and paste!

Also, it’s worth remembering that when you create a list you are creating a product. Your list is a product. When you have a list people will want to JV with you. You will have an extremely valuable “product” that you can use to make money on demand for the rest of your life.

One of the most important parts of list building is the lead magnet. This is something of value that you give away to get people to sign up. It’s your virtual honey pot. The most popular lead magnet is an ebook. Most list management companies completely ignore this essential part of the process. They just expect you to do it.

Creating a lead magnet is not easy. We’ve touched on this already so I won’t repeat myself here. But needless to say, it takes time and costs money. It’s the first obstacle that stops many a would-be millionaire in their tracks before they even get started.

Here are a few examples of the lead magnets I’ve already prepared for you…

Right now, there are 34 lead magnets ready for you to start using today. But I’ll keep giving you more. At no extra cost. My team are currently preparing over 200 additional lead magnets that’ll be ready for you soon. And they’ll continue to add more after those. (That’s what I pay them for!)

I want to make sure you (me and my o2 buddy) have a lead magnet for every possible market, and ever possible problem within that market.

I’m also including professionally designed squeeze pages for every lead magnet that are waiting to add people to your list, like this one…

Lead magnets are such an important part of list building. Knowing that you’ll never ever have to create (or pay for) a lead magnet makes list building super easy, much cheaper and much faster.

Ready-made lead magnets are a great (and obvious) bonus. They’ll save you so much hassle. And allow you to confidently blast your way straight past the obstacle that stops most beginners before they start!

You need lead magnets because people won’t just give you their email for nothing. You need to give them something first. Giving them an ebook warms them too you, and makes them much more likely to buy products. In psychological speak this ‘warming’ is recognized as an obligation to want to do something for you because you did something for them. White coat boffins call it “The Law of Reciprocation” and it’s the reason that many companies give away free pens.

So that’s why you ‘need’ a lead magnet, but lets dig a little deeper…

What else can a lead magnet do for you?

As we’ve just seen, a lead magnet encourages people to sign up to you list. Which is great. That’s its primary purpose. But if that’s all you use it for you’re missing a trick. And you’re leaving a great big fat wad of lovely cash on the table.

Your lead magnet is an ebook targeting a specific subject or problem. Would it be a good idea to promote some products in the book? Products that also target the same problem?

You can pop some adverts into your lead magnet using your affiliate links and generate a second (totally passive) income as you build your list.

Every lead magnet that I’m going to give you includes several adverts for related products. Products that solve the exact problems that the reader will have. And all of these adverts will be using your affiliate link. So when a reader buys a product you get paid! It’s a great way to make some extra cash as you build your list.

So, your lead magnet is now doing two jobs. It’s adding people to your list, and it’s selling products.

Let’s make it do something else.

I’ve designed your lead magnets to be super easy for people to share. Just one click of a button and a reader can share the lead magnet on hundreds of social media platforms, carrying your affiliate links with it. Even if it changes hands a thousand times when a reader buys a product you get paid. You don’t have to give them the book directly. Every lead magnet is designed to go viral, and that gives you an additional opportunity to make a huge amount of money without having to do a thing.

This lead magnet is becoming pretty powerful. Let’s give it a couple more jobs to do…

When a reader finishes one book it recommends another. So it’s giving the reader more value (invoking the law of reciprocation again) and, of course, the new book is full of adverts too. All branded with your affiliate links completely automatically.

Who doesn’t like making money? Not many people that’s for sure. So whatever the subject of the lead magnet, all of them include a discreet link back to this website, asking the reader, ‘Would you like to make money by giving this book away?’

A lot of readers click on that link, even in books that are nothing at all to do with making money.

When they come here, read this page, and buy my system, they sign up through your affiliate link, and you get 50% of their membership for life.

You’re going to be giving away thousands of books as you build your lists. If just 2 people click on that link, come here and buy my system, you’ve completely covered the cost of your membership. The rest is extra cash in your pocket. Totally automatic as you build your list.

Now, that’s what I call a lead magnet!

But we’re not done yet. Our super lead magnet has one more (incredibly profitable) trick up its sleeve. You’re going to love this!

If you’ve been around for a while, then you might remember Tom Hau’s brilliant ‘Free2sell’ program. This included a set of ebooks with resale rights that had adverts for affiliate products. These books sold really well for many years, and made a lot of people a lot of money.

But, over time, the products advertised in the books were all removed from sale. This meant that the affiliate links in the books stopped working. Those books are still being sold today. I doubt that people will ever stop reading them, but they’re no longer making anybody any money because all of the links are dead.

The lead magnets that I’ve prepared for you are different, because…

So even if the book changes hands a million times over 20 years, you still make money every time that a reader buys a product.

Every ebook that you give away becomes an immortal money making machine. And as readers share them…

Creating links that never expire was a challenge.

Each book automatically updates itself. So when a product is no longer available to buy, the advert for that product is switched out for a new one.

That’s pretty cool. And believe me, it took some very clever programming to make it work!

Of course, some people might download the book to their computer, and not even look at it for 5 years. We can’t update a book while it’s sitting on their computer, so that book will still have the old adverts.

But we’ve got that covered too.

When a reader clicks on an advert, some very clever computer code checks if that product is still available to buy. If it isn’t then it seamlessly redirects the reader to an alternative (but almost identical) product. It’s all done so smoothly that the reader doesn’t even notice. They just click on the advert, arrive at a sales page and buy the product.

Half of this system is brand new. Switching out the adverts automatically is something that I’ve only just created. (and I’m very very proud of it!) But I’ve been using the redirection trick for years. And that one trick means that…

I bet that Tom wish he’d thought of this when he created ‘Free2Sell’ …and all of the people that bought into his program. If he had, they’d all still be making money from those book today. And they’d continue to make money from them forever.

A huge percentage of list builders don’t use lead magnets at all. Those that do, only use them for one thing, as an incentive for people to sign up to their list. Now that you’ve seen what a lead magnet can do, don’t you agree that they’re leaving a massive amount of money on the table?

It boggles my mind how many missed opportunities I see when I nose around other peoples businesses.

Of course, creating a super lead magnet like this takes a lot more time, and some really advanced programming skills. But you don’t have to worry about any of that. Because I’ve done it all for you. Your affiliate links are branded into the books completely automatically.

Your lead magnets are ready to go right now. They’re waiting for you in the members area. And they don’t just want to help you build a list, they’re itching to get out there and start making you some really serious passive income. A passive income that will snow-ball over time as more and more people share your books.

As I said, ready made lead magnets are a very obvious bonus. You need them. Especially when they’re turbo-charged with lots of extra ways of making more money for you on auto-pilot.

I have another bonus for you. Something a little bit special. Something not at all obvious.

I want to give you the most valuable bonus ever.

Remember what my o2 buddy said about that product he’d just bought?

He said that he didn’t expect it to work.

He said it because that’s his experience. He buys products that promise to make him rich but they never work.

But other people buy the same products and the do work. What’s going on?

The product isn’t the problem.

Actually, to be more precise, his mindset is the problem. He has a poverty mindset that subconsciously causes him do things that guarantee he’ll fail.

Napoleon Hill’s fantastic book ‘Think and grow rich’ says the same thing.

So does ‘Rich dad poor dad’, ‘The master key system’, ‘Acres of diamonds’, ‘As a man thinketh’, ‘Seth Speaks’, ‘The power of your subconscious mind’, ‘Wishing well’ and many many many more. All great books that I strongly recommend. (Especially that last one, because I wrote it!)

More recently, the movie (and book) ‘The Secret’ echoed the same truth. And since then there’s been a deluge of books, courses, videos and hoopla banging their drum to the exact same tune.

You can call it mindset, you can call it a positive mental attitude. Neville Goddard called it the law of assumption. Seth called it creating your own reality. Charles Haanel called it the law of attraction. Some people call it cosmic ordering.

What you call it doesn’t matter. It works. And it’s the single most important factor as to whether you’ll succeed or fail in everything you do.

This is my area of expertise. I’ve written several books on this subject, I coach people on practical ways to apply it in their life and I give lectures on it. It is the cause of my success.

Andrew Reynolds has made millions from scratch, he got made redundant from British Telecom and had no idea what he was going to do before he discovered the law of attraction. He attributes all of his success to it. He champions it so much that he had all 24 lessons of Charles Haanel’s Master Key System re-published as a traditional hardback leather bound set.

They’re beautiful. I have a set that I cherish. I must have read it a dozen times.

From a purely psychological point of view the law of attraction makes a lot of sense. If you focus on success and expect to be rich you’ll tend to act in a certain way. You’ll talk differently, you’ll make different decisions and things will just seem to go your way. When you have an interview you’ll say the right thing and important people that can advance your career will like you.

However, when you focus on failure everything changes. Your body posture is different, when you speak your tone is kinda lifeless. You moan about how crap everything is and how it’s always somebody else’s fault. You make silly mistakes and subconsciously sabotage your own success. I’m sure you know plenty of people like this. They fail because their mindset makes them fail.

But the law of attraction goes far beyond psychology.

When you focus on what you desire, and you feel good, you draw it into your life like a magnet attracts metal.

What you draw into your life depends on your mindset. And that depends on stuff that’s buried deep in your subconscious mind. Stuff that you probably don’t even know is there.

Many years ago I created a product called ‘The Millionaire Mindset’ It’s an ebook and six guided meditations that use hypnotic language and NLP to condition your subconscious mind so that you attract wealth. I’ve been selling this product for years. I’m still selling it today, it sells really well and gets great reviews.

I’m a big believer in taking immediate action. Especially when it comes to making money. If you procrastinate you almost always miss out, or to put it more poetically, if you snooze, you lose.

Andy Andrews said, “Successful people make their decisions quickly and change their minds slowly. Failures make their decisions slowly and change their minds quickly.”

I want to reward you for taking action today.

Sign up today and I will give you my complete ‘Millionaire Mindset’ program for free as an extra special bonus.

When you use my list building system I want you to succeed. In fact, I want you to become ridiculously rich. And if you’re going to do that, you absolutely must have the right mindset.

This is what my customers think about the millionaire mindset audio program. These are unsolicited reviews from people that bought it. You don’t have to buy it. I’m going to give it to you for free.

“Steve your ‘Millionaire Mindset’ audio program is a must!

I have felt so motivated & a real shift in the way I feel about money and being wealthy.

Last night I listened to the ‘Motivation’ session again, and when I started visualising how I wanted my future to be I had a real shift in emotions I was smiling, felt happy & had a tingle run through my body, now that was really a WOW moment!”

J Myers (Entrepreneur)
Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, UK

“I listened to Steve’s meditations with great interest on two fronts. Firstly because I want to know the methods for tuning myself into the right state for financial efficiency, finding those golden nuggets of ideas that could transform my financial position, and secondly because I’m a clinical hypnotherapist specialising in anxiety and stress and wanted to hear someone else’s therapy sessions rather than my own for change!

So after listening to the sessions once through I can report some very positive findings to date.

The amount of ideas that have come into my mind for taking my therapy work forwards, enlarging the audience for a reduced cost to myself, allowing me to offer more for free is mind blowing!

Literally idea after idea keeps on popping into my head!

The sessions themselves are very professional in their construct using a multitude of trance inducing techniques to ensure a powerful and enjoyable session. Each session is carefully crafted, layering suggestions upon suggestions to build deeper levels of absorption into the subconscious mind.”

Pete Linforth – Clinical hypnotherapist

“I have been interested in options trading for some time now, and I have invested a lot of time in learning about various trading strategies. But when it came time to actually execute a trade, I felt very afraid.

Your explanation of why I might have this fear and your solution gave me hope. I have listened to your audio files only once so far, but already I am re-energized about trading options, and I don’t feel the kind of fear I felt before.

So, thank you so much for helping me to overcome my fear of making money. I am now excited and looking forward to a successful round of options trades.

Thanks again for a wonderful, positive meditations program.”

Bob Brekke
IT Operations Manager
San Antonio, Texas

“It all started happening when I started listening!

Steven’s Millionaire Mindset series is CHANGING EVERYTHING! Not only has my attitude about earning changed… but, my vision is more clear and opportunities that I could not have even imagined a few weeks ago are finding me!

So, thank, you Steve for your amazing gift! I hope you realize what a profound opportunity you have given to those (like me) who were struggling financially. If you knew how much I listened to your recordings, you’d definitely realize how much more valuable they are than I paid.”

Suni Speaks
Founder of The S-Unit Empowerment Army
Alpena, Michigan

“Listening to the Millionaire Mindset has become my number one daily task. It gets me in the mood to do every task that is necessary for me each day and I know that each time I listen, my productivity creeps up a little more because I know I don’t have to be afraid of succeeding.”

Steven Lucas
Internet Marketer

To use the millionaire mindset program, you just relax and listen. You don’t have to do anything at all. It does all of the work for you. It’s actually really nice to listen to, it’s relaxing and inspiring and leaves you feeling really positive and motivated. Of course that’s just on the surface. The real benefit happens at a deep subconscious level, where it helps you to develop a millionaire mindset so you can attract money like a magnet attracts metal, even if everything you’ve ever tried before has failed.

The millionaire mindset audio program is yours to keep for free, as a special bonus for taking action today.

I imagine that you’ve have been wanting to make money from the internet for a long time. I guess that this isn’t the first opportunity that you’ve considered. I hope that I’ve managed to answer all of your questions during our chat. Not just questions about building lists, but also questions about why the things that you tried before didn’t work, even though they seemed to work for others.

First, your free bonus (The millionaire mindset program) will fix the problem that has caused all previous failures, without exception. It will then lay down a solid foundation of success so that everything that you do in future will work. Not just this, but everything. You’ve seen people that already have a mindset that makes them naturally successful. We say they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth or that they have the Midas touch. Everything they do just works, and they barely even seem to break a sweat!

Well, you’re going to be one of those people soon.

(If you’ve read Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad you’ll know exactly what I mean about building a foundation.)

Second, I know this works because I’ve been building lists for years. I use this system myself to build my list. (I should say re-build, after I accidentally deleted it.)

I know what you need because I’m doing the same thing as you.

My system has many unique features that will make building your list much easier, and much more profitable.

But what I’ve shared with you today isn’t the full story. Remember that I’m using this system too. And I have some amazing ideas to make it even better. I have a huge list of features that I’ll be adding on future updates. So as good as it is today, it’ll only continue to get better and better over time.

I never stop asking questions like, “How can I improve this?”, “How can I automate this?”, “How can I make this easier, faster, more profitable or better?”

I’m really excited about some of the features on my list and I can’t wait to add them.

But before you can even make a penny, you need to make the decision to invest.

If you don’t take action today, ask yourself why.

Remember when I said that your mindset can cause you to sabotage your success? Well this can be one of those times where it does exactly that. In fact, every time you are about to make a wise investment but you procrastinate, your subconscious mindset is trying to “protect” you from being rich! I know that sounds crazy, why would you want to protect yourself from achieving your dream? The subconscious mind isn’t logical. It doesn’t make any difference what you want. If you want to be rich, but you don’t have a mindset that supports your desire then your subconscious mind will try to sabotage you every step of the way. That’s why the millionaire mindset program is so important.

You can invest today 100% risk-free and with total confidence because I’m offering you a 60 day unconditional money back guarantee. No questions asked. If you decide, for whatever reason, that list building isn’t for you then just let me know and I’ll refund every penny with a smile. I’ll even let you keep the ‘Millionaire Mindset’ program as a ‘thank for giving it a shot’ parting gift. Hopefully it’ll help you to be successful with whatever you decide is your thing. Some people prefer flipping houses to list building, if that’s you, that’s fine. Do your thing. Do something that makes you happy while it makes you money. We’re all different.

But if you’re like me, and you love the idea of having a massive list that makes money for you on auto-pilot, even while you sleep, or go on holiday for 6 months. Then I know that this is for you.

So, it is now time to finally end the frustration of jumping from one get rich quick scheme to another, maxing out your credit cards, hiding statements from you wife and becoming more and more desperate with each passing year.

Today is the beginning of the life you’ve always dreamed of. The life that you see those guys up on stage flaunting on their keynote speech, at the same time that they’re saying “I’m not trying to impress you…” Yes they are! And they know it, and they love it! Which is fair enough, they’ve earned it. And now you can join them.

Click the button to grab your slot now and take advantage of all of this…

Your free millionaire mindset is yours to keep forever. I’m never going to jump into your subconscious mind and re-wire it back to poverty and struggle. Those days are long gone! So even if you decide that list building isn’t your thing, take your brand new millionaire mindset with you into whatever business is your thing. People will be saying that you have the Midas touch and they’ll want to know your secret!

Are you ready to start building a massive email list that will make you money on auto-pilot forever?

Good, because you are less than 60 seconds you’ll be inside the members area. Click on the button below, sign up now and I’ll see you on the inside…

Click the button to get started. Your order will be processed on a secure server and in less than 60 seconds you’ll have full access to the members area, where I’ll be waiting to show you how to set up your very first list!

Everything is really easy and intuitive, but just to make sure you feel totally comfortable and confident using the system, I’ve created plenty of ‘over the shoulder’ videos for you. Just watch, pause and copy what I do. I set up a brand new account from scratch, just like the one you’ll have in a few seconds. What you see on the video is exactly what you’ll see on your screen. Just watch and copy. We’ll have your first list ready to go in a few minutes.

The sooner you start building your list, the sooner those lead magnets will start generating that second (100% passive) income for you. There’s a massive amount of money out there with your name all over it. Click on the button to claim your slot and start grabbing all that lovely money!

Thanks for reading, I’ll see you on the inside in about 60 seconds.

Steven Hall (Proud, but tired, creator father of Freesponder.)

P.S. Remember, if you snooze you lose! Secure your slot today and you’ll also get my Millionaire Mindset audio program completely free, which will automatically and effortlessly transform you into one of life’s winners!

P.P.S. Your 34 bonus Lead Magnets ebooks are ready and waiting for you on the inside (and we have another 200 coming soon at no extra cost!) Each ebook is automatically branded with your affiliate links…. that will NEVER expire!

P.P.P.S. If you’re scared of your wife, you’d better read this… My o2 buddy had maxed out his credit card buying yet another product he really shouldn’t have bought. If he bought anything else his wife would likely kill him. So, just for him, and anybody else in the same boat, I promised to make my system angry-wife-proof. So I have a free option for you. The free option has 2 limits. Limit 1: The lead magnets are not branded with your links. So you won’t get any of that completely automatic 100% passive income. Limit 2: Your subscriber count is capped at 2,500 subscribers. But, your membership is free. And a free Autoresponder with a lot of bells and whistles is pretty incredible. So if you have absolutely no other choice, and you’re scared of your wife, click here to register for a free account.

You can order today, 100% risk-free and with total confidence because you are protected by our 60 day money back guarantee. So if you change your mind, just let me know and I’ll refund every penny. No questions asked. I provide as much value as possible to my customers because I believe that the more value I put out into the world the more value I get back. And I believe in treating people the way I like to be treated. If you’re not happy, for any reason at all, then I’m not happy accepting your money. 

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